Avadex Granules Spreading Service using a Frazier Stealth Agribuggy with LGP tyres and Horstine Twin Air Applicator, 24 metre spreading width with Trimble GPS guidance. NSTS tested.

Slug Pellet Spreading using Stocks Twin Jet Duo 20 -36 metre (depending on weather and pellet type), with this we can apply using the tramlines, Mounted on a Frazier 5D Agribuggy with LGP tyres, GPS guidance. NSTS tested. PA1 PA2 PA4 G/S & NRoSO certified operator. 

Grass Seed and Small Seeds (OSR, Mustard etc) can also be applied through our Horstine TMA4 Applicator (12metre).

Aerial Imagery and Crop Scouting by Drone. CAA licensed (PfCO), BASIS UAS and Insured Operator. Real time crop imagery, establishment maps, plant count, pest and disease mapping, highlight weed areas, VRA maps, RPA inspection validation, farm buildings inspection, identify drains and drainage problems, Aerial Photography of Farm and Machinery working.

Round Baling of Straw, Silage & Haylage using Mchale V640 Baler

Rond Bale Wrapping using Mchale HS2000 Wrapper

Flail Hedge Cutting

2 Tonne Mini Excavator for drainage repairs and light excavations in limited access areas etc.

D.R.JAGGER: Specialst Agricultural Services.

Field & VRA Maps.

Vari image captured at 100 M
Fertiliser prescription ready for upload to Spreader